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Staff Parking At Pittwater Place

Welcome to working at Pittwater Place. We aim to make all day staff parking a seamless process with online registration that works with our licence plate recognition technology and ticketless parking.
Published 22 August

Thanks to our upgrading parking system, Pittwater Place retailers can book staff parking conveniently and seamlessly using ZipBy, a user-friendly ticketless parking app. Parking will be provided to Pittwater Place retailers at a discounted rate of $5 per day for the rooftop carpark only.


Here's how to book staff parking using ZipBy:

  1. Download the ZipBy App from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account using a dedicated email. 
  3. Click the three-line icon in the top left corner to access the main menu. 
  4. Select the 'Vehicle' tab to enter your vehicle details.
    Changes to vehicles must be completed online at least two hours before accessing the staff parking area. 
  5. Enter your payment details by selecting 'Payments' in the menu. 
  6. Complete a Proof of Employment form and have it signed by your employer as you are required to upload form online when registering for your staff parking permit. 
    See your Store Manager for a Proof of Employment form.
  7. Create a staff parking permit by completing the online form. Once your permit has been approved, your permit will be generated on the app.
  8. Park with ease. The parking systems cameras will detect your registered licence plate upon entry and exit, making access to the rooftop car parks ticketless and cashless. 

For a detailed guide on registration and permit creation using ZipBy, click here for a step-by-step guide




How does ticketless parking work?

Ticketless parking uses licence plate recognition to track parking without the need for a paper ticket. On entry, a camera recognises licence plate details that has been registered to your ZipBy App account. Vehicles will not be required to stop as tickets will not be issues. 


Where can I register?

Retailers can register using the ZipBy App and by completing the online staff parking permit form (see step 7).


Where do staff park at Pittwater Place?

As part of the ticketless parking system and discounted staff parking fees, Pittwater Place provides the rooftop carpark as the allocated parking area for staff registered using the ZipBy App. 


The roof top car park entry can be accessed via Park Street. 


How much does it cost for staff to park?

Rates are heavily subsidised for staff who apply for a staff parking permit using the ZipBy App, with a reduced rate of $5 using the rooftop carpark only. 


Standard fees apply to staff who do not have a staff parking permit using the ZipBy App and/or park in the basement car park. 


How will the system know I am staff, and charge me staff rates? 

Once you have registered your licence plate details using the ZipBy App and have completed the staff parking permit form, the ticketless parking system will recognise your details and apply staff parking rates accordingly. Staff parking rates will only be applied when parking in the rooftop carpark. 


How will I pay for staff parking?

Using the ZipBy App, enter your payment details (credit/debit card). The payment will automatically be deducted from your account. 


What if I am visiting Pittwater Place and not parking for work?

Staff who are parking outside of working hours will be able to access the same rates as all other customers by parking in the customer parking areas.


For more, download our retail parking brochure



Where to find retailer parking

The rooftop carpark is the allocated parking area for staff working at Pittwater Place.


Staff must use this car park at all times and have a staff parking permit to receive the exclusive retailer parking rate of $5.00 per day. 


The rooftop car park entry is located on Park Street. 


PWP - Carpark staff parking map




Need support?

The 'HELP NOW' feature is located in the menu tab at the bottom of the App home screen. Using this feature, you can connect directly with a ZipBy App support member by phone or email. 

Not using the App? Contact the ZipBy App support team:
P. 02 9892 9990     |     E. [email protected]


Staff parking conditions apply. Click here to view Pittwater Place Conditions of Entry and Access to Staff Car Park.